Author Topic: Nutcracker 3.0.19 released. Bug fixes for crash on exit, empty export files.  (Read 453 times)

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Release 3.0.19 is found

Release 3.0.19 release notes

NOTE!! This release will modify your existing xml sequence files to correct for missing attributes that caus ethose annoying errors. Please backup all your xml files into a safe place.

3.0.19: Jul 17,2013 - Bug Fix: Crash on exit, fixed
                            - Bug fix: Empty export files (LOR, hls,vixen,conductor), fixed
                  - Enhancement: When reading in your sequence, missing attributes will be added if your file is from pre ver 18.

         NOTE!! Please make a backup of all your xml files. This release will be fixing your sequences, protect yourself.

Here is a short video of how to make copies of your Nutcracker files:

Here is a table of theattributes that might need to be added into your xml file if your version is older than 18.
    missing = missing + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Brightness|ID_SLIDER_Brightness=100");
    missing = missing + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Contrast|ID_SLIDER_Contrast=0");
    Meteors1 = Meteors1 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Meteors1_FallUp|ID_CHECKBOX_Meteors1_FallUp=0");
    Meteors2 = Meteors2 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Meteors2_FallUp|ID_CHECKBOX_Meteors2_FallUp=0");

    // Lots of variables to check for  text effect
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text1_1_Font|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text1_1_Font=");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_CHOICE_Text1_1_Dir|ID_CHOICE_Text1_1_Dir=left");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text1_1_Position|ID_SLIDER_Text1_1_Position=50");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text1_1_TextRotation|ID_SLIDER_Text1_1_TextRotation=0");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Text1_COUNTDOWN1|ID_CHECKBOX_Text1_COUNTDOWN1=0");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text1_2_Font|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text1_2_Font=");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_CHOICE_Text1_2_Dir|ID_CHOICE_Text1_2_Dir=left");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text1_2_Position|ID_SLIDER_Text1_2_Position=50");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text1_2_TextRotation|ID_SLIDER_Text1_2_TextRotation=0");
    Text1 = Text1 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Text1_COUNTDOWN2|ID_CHECKBOX_Text1_COUNTDOWN2=0");

    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text2_1_Font|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text2_1_Font=");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_CHOICE_Text2_1_Dir|ID_CHOICE_Text2_1_Dir=left");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text2_1_Position|ID_SLIDER_Text2_1_Position=50");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text2_1_TextRotation|ID_SLIDER_Text2_1_TextRotation=0");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Text2_COUNTDOWN1|ID_CHECKBOX_Text2_COUNTDOWN1=0");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text2_2_Font|ID_TEXTCTRL_Text2_2_Font=");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_CHOICE_Text2_2_Dir|ID_CHOICE_Text2_2_Dir=left");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text2_2_Position|ID_SLIDER_Text2_2_Position=50");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_SLIDER_Text2_2_TextRotation|ID_SLIDER_Text2_2_TextRotation=0");
    Text2 = Text2 + wxT("|ID_CHECKBOX_Text2_COUNTDOWN2|ID_CHECKBOX_Text2_COUNTDOWN2=0");

The point of this list is to say, i will be checking and modifying the xml file if i see missing values or misspelled attribute names.

So please, make a copy and then use ver 19.

These fixes should eliminate those annoying message about some attribute is missing.


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