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Nutcracker version 20 released. Thanks Frank!
« on: July 20, 2013, 01:40:20 PM »
frankr has joined the team of developers for xLights/Nutcracker. His first contributions are great!

Release 3.0.20

All of these are from Frank.

3.0.20: Jul 19,2013 - Enhancement: Highlight cell you are editing in so you know where "update" will apply
                    - Bug: Opening a music file twice, the second time will not prompt for a new file name. Instead, it overwrites the first file. Fixed
         - Enhancement: Ability to read an Audacity or a XML file when creating a blank sequence from a music file
         - Enhancement: 1 is Unmask, 2 is Unmask now keeps the brightness value of the mask. This is big! Use a picture as a mask on a colorwash.
          The new picture will be a mono tone version. Use text as a mask, the edges will feather but in a solid color.
         This fixes the antio-aliasing issue of text. To fix use text as effect 1, color wash as effect2. set effect 2 color what you want your text
           to look like
         - Bug: Deleting some models caused crash, fixed.

So you will now see the cell where you update an effect, before you had no focus. This was my big annoyance

You can read in an audacity timing file when you open new sound files, this is great!

various other bugs.

The Unmask layer is so much more  powerful now. Instead of just allowing effect to shine through (Think text that is showing butterfly colors). The colors shine through but the brightness will be the value of the mask.

Why do you care? Well, now the feathered edges of text will feather on the new effect.

Open a photograph of someone as effect 1, set colorwash on effect2. Use "! is Unmask:. Instead of a silhouette you have a monotone picture.

Again, Thanks frank!


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