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xLights/Nutcracker 3.0.21 released
« on: July 25, 2013, 02:24:30 PM »
This release has lots of model changes.

1) You can now set the starting address for each string. Dont worry, default behavior is same as before. If you need to set the starting channel click advanced in the model setup.
2) You can now start your matrix or megatree in a) bottom left (this has always been the default), b) upper left, c) upper right, d) bottom right. This will support more people who, for eacmple, wrap their windows starting at the top.

New effects

In the meteor effect you now have

1) Swirl1
2) Swirl2
3) StarField

So release notes are

3.0.21: Jul 25,2013 - Enhancement: In the Model setup screen, you can now set teh starting channel for each string
                    - Enhancement: In the Model setup screen, you can now choose how the strings wrap. 3 more choices are now available
                 bottom left, upper left, upper right, bottom right
               - Enhancement: Meteor Effect class has 3 new effects
                 1) Swirl1. As meteors fall they are moved in a sine wave
                 2) Swirl2. Same as Swirl 1 excep odd strands move one way, even strands move the other
                 3) Strarfield. Meteor effect starts in center of your display and moves outwards

Thanks to Frankr for doing the model changes!


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